The following is a description of the LIFT / What’s On Your Mind road map used to chart a student’s path to academic success when psychology and education unite.

STEP 2. The results of the evaluation are then interpreted to assess the student’s strengths and weaknesses and procure a clear-cut solution.

STEP 1. Each student’s path to success begins with a thorough evaluation including either a comprehensive psycho-educational assessment by a licensed psychologist, or simply a processing screener that helps identify the student’s precise cognitive needs.

STEP 3. Based on the results of their evaluation, students participate in one of our leading-edge, brain-based learning programs designed to develop their memory, attention, auditory and visual processing, internal organization, phonemic awareness, logic, reasoning, and/or processing speed, while they advance academically. In short, students are trained to build their "brain muscles" so that learning can become fast and precise.

At What's On Your Mind, there is nothing common about what we do and the way we do it. In fact, we believe that learning success should include a 'Wow!' experience, in which the student is able to stretch their intellectual ability so far that they are literally amazed at what they are finally able to do and achieve.

it is within your reach...

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