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What We Offer

At My School-House (MSH), we offer a school alternative, consisting of an individualized academic curriculum combined with our proprietary brain training program and small group instruction, for a private homeschool experience strategically designed to meet the specific needs of students with learning disabilities. We know that the better a student’s attention, working memory, internal organization, and higher level of thinking, the better they perform at school.  MSH’s academic and cognitive skills curriculum includes our celebrated LIFT Brain Training Program to help students learn and process information faster and easier.

Our Curriculum and Staff

Each student’s academic and cognitive curriculum is individually designed by Dr. Fabian Redler in conjunction with our lead teacher, Mrs. Diana Rosengaus. “Mrs. Rose” as her students call her, holds certifications in Prekindergarten/Primary Education, Elementary, Middle Grades, and Highschool, as well as Exceptional Student Education for Grades k-12. The curriculum is developed based on the child’s psycho-educational evaluation, and delivered in a structured, yet flexible and dynamic small group environment that assures each child’s success in all areas and subjects targeted.



Find out how we can help your students flourish to achieve brain fitness and exceptional cognitive and academic growth, as their attention, memory and processing speed develop.


Please contact: Dr. Fabian Redler – Clinical Director  954-237-0355 / 305-937-6463

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