Overview/ The LIFT Advantage

The basis of LIFT brain training originates from the longstanding theories of neuropsychology, in which the brain of individuals with mild to severe head injuries are rehabilitated through targeted brain exercises. These types of intervention provide evidence that through precise concentrated brain exercises, the brain can adapt, heal, renew itself, and overcome limitations in the specific areas targeted.


LIFT uses similar principles to develop the areas of the brain that are vital for learning such as attention, memory, visual and auditory processing, executive functioning, and processing speed. Unlike programs that take one to two years to produce very gradual changes, our programs make far-reaching changes in an average of 3 to 6 months because we work on building the brain muscles responsible for learning so the student has the cognitive ability to lift more.


LIFT is a compilation of face-to-face cognitive and academic training programs that rapidly and dramatically correct and enhance the brain’s ability to process information. In order to make a significant difference in a student’s performance, 3 to 4 years of cognitive maturation has to be achieved in a matter of months. This can only be done through a highly intense format much like a “mental boot camp.” This is important because rapid and impressionable growth will raise a student’s self-esteem. In fact, a large segment of the parents we see at the end of training comment on the improvement in their child’s self-image and attitude. Just envision a student’s performance after their memory and attention improves by 3 years in just a 3 month period; this is the LIFT Advantage.




We are so confident of the results your child will achieve with the right instruction, that we guarantee our results 100%. From the initial assessment, we will be able to project the number of years of growth your child will be able to achieve within a 12 – 24 week program. Our guarantee means that we will continue to work with your child at no additional cost until he or she reaches that level of growth. Not one or two weeks… but as long as it takes. Your child’s success is linked to ours!


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