The Student Experience


“Dr. Redler, after years of trying everything to help our daughter with her comprehension, we were ready to give up. We’re so grateful, for her sake, we didn’t. The results you and your staff have made for our daughter far exceeded what you promised. Her teachers have shared their amazement in the improvements they’ve seen. She actually wants to go to school and learn. Thank you for opening up a whole new world for her in such a short time. Her grades have soared along with her self esteem. We could not have done it without you.”


–Anthony, Miami


“Dr. Redler this has been the best 6 months of Andrew’s life. As a physician, I have been referring children with attention problems to you for years with confidence and I was confident when our own son’s future was in your hands. At eleven years old he was unable to add 8+3. The best private schools couldn’t help him. Now he is able to do age appropriate work, and he is able to do it with ease. Your team is awesome. You can expect referrals as long as I am in practice.


–Dr. S., Aventura

“Dr. Fabian Redler was our guest speaker at the Archdiocese of Miami annual convention held Nov. 2000 at the Radisson Mart Hotel. His presentation entitled “Looking Through the Eyes of an Adolescent,” received a phenomenal review as well as a standing ovation. Dr. Redler was able to help over 200 participating teachers and administrators grasp some of the most significant concepts regarding teen developmental as it applies to the child’s intellectual, emotional, and character development.


–Ms. Sheila Cruise, Retired Principal, St. Agnes Academy, Miami

“Dear Dr Redler, I would like to thank you personally for all you’ve done for our family. I have to admit, that when I first considered counseling, I was very uncomfortable about the whole idea, but thanks to you the experience was not at all painful as I had imagined. From day one, you helped me feel at ease and confident that I could learn to better parent Ricky. You left us with lots of handy new approaches to communicate and interact better with each other. I’m more tolerant with Ricky, now that I am able to step back and look at the situation from a broader perspective rather than reacting emotionally like I use to do. In short, the experience was helpful and fun.”


— E. Greene, Miami Lakes

“Dear Dr. Redler, on behalf of the M. Krop Feeder Pattern Coalition we would like to thank you for the time and energy you contributed to making our meeting ‘Easing School Transitions’ a success. The feedback we have received from parents is that the information you provided was extremely helpful. We truly appreciate your commitment to our children.”


— M. Krop Feeder Pattern Coalition

“Dr. Redler, with great appreciation, I thank you for all of your hard work and dedication throughout the years. Thank you for never giving up on me.”


— David, Miami Springs

“I wanted to thank you so much. You were really a big help for both my son and I. One day in the summer of 2005 we came to Spain and decided to stay here and change our lives. I met someone that Chris adores and we got married. We live in Ibiza and Christian goes to a British school here and he is doing great. At this time I am expecting a new baby and we are all so very happy. Benjamin, my husband, is a true father for Chris, and I am glad that you were there to help me see better what was and is the most important thing in my life, my son. Also Christian remembers you with great affection; you were a big help when we needed. Thanks again and we hope you get all the great success you truly deserve.”


— S. Estrella, Spain


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