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MindCrafting for Comprehension

Empower Your Child's Comprehension

MindCrafting for Comprehension stands as a cornerstone program within the What’s On Your Mind family of MindCrafting programs. Specifically designed to address the vital skills necessary for teaching reading comprehension, our program integrates brain-based curriculum with the essential cognitive and academic skills required to cultivate competence in reading comprehension.

MindCrafting for

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Our Unique Approach

Our program is meticulously crafted to combine the most integral cognitive skills with the fundamental academic principles needed to excel in comprehension. Through an innovative approach that merges brain-based strategies with proven teaching methodologies, we empower students to become proficient readers with a deep understanding of the texts they encounter.

Key Features

  • Integration of Cognitive and Academic Skills: MindCrafting for Comprehension seamlessly combines crucial cognitive skills, such as critical thinking, attention, and memory, with essential academic skills in reading comprehension instruction.
  • Brain-Based Curriculum: Our curriculum is rooted in neuroscience research, ensuring that our methods align with the way the brain learns best, resulting in more effective and lasting comprehension skills.
  • Comprehensive Learning Experience: Students engage in a variety of interactive activities and challenges that target specific cognitive processes while reinforcing academic comprehension strategies.
  • Personalized Instruction: Our experienced educators provide individualized support and guidance to each student, tailoring instruction to their unique learning needs and preferences.
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Why Choose MindCrafting for Comprehension?


We go beyond surface-level comprehension to instill a deep understanding and appreciation for texts, fostering lifelong reading habits and critical thinking skills.


Our program has a track record of success in improving students’ comprehension abilities, leading to enhanced academic performance and overall cognitive development.

Preparation for
Academic Success

By equipping students with essential cognitive and academic skills, we prepare them to excel not only in reading comprehension but also in various academic pursuits.

Celebrated by Educators

"Integrating MindCrafting techniques into our curriculum has been a revelation. Its not just academic scores that have improved – its the children & inquisitive spirits and their zest for learning. As a teacher, its what you hope for every day. "

Ms. Angela M., Elementary School Teacher, Nashville

"In my tenure as a school counselor, it's rare to find a resource as impactful as MindCrafting. The measurable improvement in students academic and social skills is remarkable. It's a resource I recommend to parents and colleagues without reservation."

Ms. Rachel D., School Counselor, Denver

"As a veteran teacher, I've seen various programs come and go, but the MindCrafting approach has consistently yielded results where others have fallen short. It's a cornerstone of our student development strategy now."

Mr. Leonard V., High School Teacher, Minneapolis​

"The MindCrafting program has not only transformed individual students in our school, but has positively affected the classroom dynamic. As a principal, I've seen the ripple effect of their work—students are more collaborative and engaged. MindCrafting is a valuable ally in education."

Mrs. Susan F., Principal, Phoenix​

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