BEYOND TUTORING: Homework Assistance


In order to maximize a student’s academic and intellectual potential, homework assistance, study skills, and brain training in at least two vital areas of processing, are combined with the intention of generating the greatest academic improvement.


With a portion of each session dedicated to strengthening the student’s brain power, Beyond Tutoring is an after-school program that out-performs conventional homework assistance.


Parents love Beyond Tutoring not only because of its results but also because of the convenience of having it done at home or at one of our centers.



The specific brain skills chosen for each student will come from a list of vital brain skills similar to the ones shown below based on the student’s individual needs and brain profile:


  • Processing Speed – Increasing the speed at which a student’s brain processes information.


  • Visual Processing – Improving the efficiency at which a student can process visual information. This affects their ability to generate, store, retrieve, and transform visual images. The quality of a student’s reading comprehension is in relation to the strength of their visual processing.


  • Selective Attention – Improving the ability to concentrate on a specific task and evade distractions. A student with deficits in selective attention has difficulty focusing because of distractions going on around them or within there own thought.


  • Long Term Memory – Improving the storage and recall of information over a long period of time (days, months, years).


  • Working Memory – Ever-increasing the quantity and duration of working memory. It relates to the short-term memory necessary to complete a task that requires short term memory such as when completing a mental calculation.


  • Critical Thinking – Enhance critical and logical thinking used to draw conclusions.



Beyond Tutoring leverages a student’s effort to produce maximum gains.


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