MATH REMEDY Remediation

For those students that have struggled with mathematics for most of their academic history, straightforward math tutoring is just not enough. A thorough psycho-educational assessment will likely identify processing skills that were underdeveloped and caused a gap in learning over the years. Once these “brain muscles” have been noticeably strengthened in the course of LIFT Intense Brain Training, the student is subsequently ready to fill the gaps that once hindered their understanding of basic math concepts.


Math Remedy begins with an extensive mathematics assessment that does more than just identify the student’s math level. Unlike traditional academic or psycho-educational assessments, the Math Remedy assessment looks at every single area of math up to the student’s age level, and identifies the specific concepts that need to be relearned. With this vital information, an individualized program is put into effect that fills these gaps. Of course every session also continues to fortify the underlying brain skills that are crucial for the the student’s success in math such as visual processing and working memory. The advancement for the student is relatively swift as the pieces start coming together effortlessly.

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