READING REMEDY works in conjunction with LIFT BRAIN TRAINING for PROCESSING in order to fix the processing deficits that have hindered the development of common reading skills. Subsequently, brain training strategies are used to embed the Standard English reading code to an automatic, subconscious level; this is in contrast to most programs that passively teach rules and lessons that are easily forgotten.


READING REMEDY is a ground-breaking reading and spelling program. A student must master the Standard English reading code in careful sequenced steps that increase in complexity. To facilitate this, READING REMEDY starts with blending, segmenting, and sound analysis using nonsense words so that students do not rely on their memory of known words. Encoding (spelling), decoding (reading), and writing exercises are then used in conjunction with brain training strategies so that the code is imprinted in a solid, permanent mental pathway.


The following cognitive skills are enhanced through the use of cognitive training procedures which support the development of reading fluency:


  • Attention
  • Auditory Analysis
  • Short-term & Long-Term Memory
  • Auditory Processing
  • Working Memory
  • Processing Speed


READING REMEDY can provide an incredible foundation for those students struggling with reading. The versatility of the program can give a first grader a reliable reading system for life, or it can completely rebuild the faulty system of a lifelong struggling reader.


Unlike other reading methods, READING REMEDY uses cognitive training procedures that build the student’s underlying processing skills as they learn to read. As a result, a student not only learns how to read, but they become a gifted reader as their brain’s performance significantly improves.


Studies show that 85% of students testing low on reading proficiency also have weak underlying cognitive skills, in particular, auditory processing skills. READING REMEDY students immediately begin to strengthen their auditory processing skills, the most critical skills required to read effectively. LIFT and READING REMEDY both confront and correct cognitive skills weaknesses in students. Even if the reading code is taught completely and sequentially, a student who has a severe auditory processing deficiency, or other cognitive weakness, will complete lessons slowly or exhibit poor retention. When these skills are strengthened, students learn rapidly. READING REMEDY is designed to specifically remedy these significant problem areas.


Students are averaging 4 years of reading skill improvement in less than 5 months. If you believe that there is unrealized potential in your child, a simple cognitive skills test could be the beginning of unlocking that potential. We offer such testing as a wise and affordable first step.

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