At What’s On Your Mind, every comprehensive psycho-educational assessment is administered by a licensed psychologist who personally interprets the results, and then meets with the family to discuss the findings, the suggested accommodations, and a specific treatment plan.  Beyond that however, there are a number of unparalleled advantages to a What’s On Your Mind, assessment:

Advantage One

First and foremost the psychologists at What’s On Your Mind are distinguished because of their affiliation with a practice that successfully treats learning disorders and academic deficits rather than merely diagnosing as is most often the case. What’s On Your Mind tests for Learning Disabilities including Dyslexia (Reading Disorders), ADD, ADHD, and processing deficits. As a result they will deliver a comprehensive evaluation GEARED TOWARD TREATMENT rather than just a diagnosis.

Advantage two

Since most private schools require yearly evaluations, families can take advantage of a testing option that includes up to 3 YEARS OF ADDITIONAL RE-TESTING ABSOLUTELY FREE for students that participate in our recommended treatment programs. This advantage allows parents and teachers to observe the student’s measured and remarkable growth even years after they stop training with us.

Advantage three

Our goal is to ensure that each student receives not only the attention, accommodations, and support he or she needs based on a thorough evaluation, but also to provide a targeted treatment that can produce measurable results. Most students stay with us after the assessment process to receive help fixing the academic and cognitive shortcomings that were of concern.

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