What is Virtual LIFT:

Virtual LIFT is a series of live, online one-to-one brain training sessions, designed to provide precise brain exercises to help students with learning or processing deficits. Administered by Certified LIFT Brain Trainers, Virtual LIFT’s specific exercises build and strengthen the brain skills that are responsible for the student’s ability to learn and process information, including attention/focus, memory, auditory and visual processing, processing speed and intellectual reasoning. Students begin to succeed as their ‘brain muscles’ strengthen and become noticeably more efficient to overcome limitations that conventional teaching alone cannot resolve.

How we ensure that every program is a perfect match:

The process begins with a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation with one of our Affiliate Licensed Psychologists located in your neck of the woods, or a review of a recent evaluation that was completed no more than a year ago.

The results uncover an academic and cognitive profile that provides a roadmap for the creation of each student’s individualized brain training program. This profile assures the perfect match of intervention to student needs.

How we measure results:

Once a student completes the required hours of brain training, he/she will be re-tested to measure their results and confirm that their cognitive growth is finally at the level required for their academic pursuit. In addition, evidenced-based results continue to direct the development of our programs. Attention is given to details from beginning to end; that’s a true sign of quality.

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