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MindCrafting for Attention & Processing

Empower Your ADHD Child's Educational Journey

You’re not alone in this journey. Discover a world where learning difficulties don’t define your child’s future.

Imagine your child waking up filled with enthusiasm for school, diving into classroom discussions, and approaching homework with a newfound sense of confidence. MindCrafting for Attention & Processing can make this vision your reality. Recognizing that ADHD affects a significant number of children, we’ve designed this program to make ADHD a part of your child’s success story, not a barrier to their academic and social achievements.

Free ADHD Screener

Identify the specific brain skills that are holding your child back.

Introducing MindCrafting for Attention & Processing

A pioneering solution crafted expressly for the unique minds of children with ADHD. We combine the latest cognitive training techniques with a compassionate, supportive environment, tailored to your child’s individual needs.

Our program sharpens four fundamental types of attention:

By refining these capabilities, we empower your child’s brain to adapt, concentrate, and resist distractions effectively. Our commitment is to build enduring neural networks that support attentive excellence and a love for learning.


We fine-tune your child’s concentration amidst distractions, promoting sharp, targeted focus.

Endurance in Learning

Our exercises build task stamina, maintaining focus without fatigue.

Efficient Multitasking

MindCrafting for Attention and Processing enhances multitasking abilities, essential for academic success.

Seamless Transitions

Specialized training in attention shifting fosters smooth transitions between tasks.

Embrace the Journey

In MindCrafting for Attention & Processing, we prioritize building your child’s confidence. In addition to sharpened focus, improved understanding, and overall competence, students have shared a genuine sense of heightened self-assurance.

Added Benefits for Your Child

Hear what our kids have to say...

"Coach Robin helped me finally understand math. Now I actually have fun with word problems!"

Jillian S. Pascagoula MS

“I used to hate reading, but thanks to Coach Amy, I now love reading all kinds of books!”

Gabriel C. Queens NY

“I have always had a hard time focusing but thanks to Coach Nick, I’m not all over the place."

Jayden Q. Houston TX

“I can’t stand tutoring, but this is nothing like it, Coach Kimberly made it so much fun!”

Amelia D. Miami FL

“I used to not like going to school, but thanks to Coach Henry, I feel excited to go learn.”

Leah L. Weston FL

“Because I can focus, I feel like I am finally learning. I enjoy learning and remembering now.”

Stylish girl gently holds heart-shaped card with puzzles, covering part of face
Sofia H. FL

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