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Witness Your Child’s Potential Unfold In Months

Every child holds a universe of potential, but sometimes, they need a unique key to unlock it. That’s where we step in – specializing in diagnostic testing and brain-centric tutoring.

Our Two-Step Solution Guarantees No More Failures

MindMetrics : Comprehensive Student Evaluations

For kids who have tough times with reading, math, or learning, MindMetrics evaluations help find those trouble spots and smooth them out. It means that barriers to learning, like dyslexia or ADHD, are identified and navigated with precision. Teachers can then use what they learn from MindMetrics to create lessons and instructional strategies that fit each child. In working together, we find the right key for their unique lock.

MindCrafting : Brain-Based Academic Coaching

MindCrafting targets the brain skills essential for learning. Our academic coaches provide specialized support for ADHD, dyslexia, and several other learning differences.

Two decades of studying children

Since 2000, we have continued to provide top-tier tutoring services, including specialized support for learning disabilities. Being a psychology center has given us an edge in understanding the thoughts and emotions of children, allowing us to build meaningful connections.

Our center understands the diagnostic as well as the complete treatment process. We streamline the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities to support your child’s ongoing growth and development. We’re more than just an educational center—we’re a beacon of change. 

Programs that end the struggle


After decades of experience and hard work, our founders have designed programs that actually help “craft” the “mind” of a child.

Each program targets specific neural pathways – promoting quicker thinking, stronger memory, and more focused attention.


Brain-Based Academic Coaching

MindCrafting for Attention & Processing

Strengthens the essential brain-skills involved in learning.

MindCrafting for Dyslexia

Integrating reading and spelling with cognitive training.

MindCrafting for Dyscalculia

Transforming math from a source of stress to a path of success.

MindCrafting has helped thousands.

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Insights From Parents

Confidence That Inspires

“Laila’s journey from confusion to clarity is nothing short of miraculous. Her confidence is infectious, her grades have improved dramatically, and she’s become a role model for her peers.”

— Anita R., Dallas

Mother and daughter child in hat goggles for swimming with towel near pool
mother with son near spruce in snowy garden in winter time, P

Bridging Emotions and Education

“Alex faced challenges expressing himself, which impacted his learning. Now, he articulates his thoughts with clarity and has developed a genuine love for group projects. His teachers commend his emotional maturity. MindCrafting didn’t just educate him; it empowered him.”


— Samantha P., Atlanta

Google Reviews

Jose Morales
Jose Morales
Dr. Redler and his team at WOYM have been fantastic. I was becoming worried my niece was dealing with an attention disorder and that she was falling behind academically especially after losing essentially 1 year of learning to the pandemic. Since joining I’ve noticed much improvement in my niece’s concentration and thinking skills!
Jessica Burbano
Jessica Burbano
What’s On Your Mind is absolutely amazing. My daughter was always behind me when it came on understanding certain topics with IEP for many years. My daughter started notably changing her grades for the better and feeling confident about herself so much that you could see her self esteem just booming to a level it’s never been at. I unfortunately had to leave due to being a single mom of 2, but where there’s will there’s a way, I only made this happen because I want the best for my children and hoping for the best outcome. I left knowing that what I invested was well worth it, I am planning to continue with this as soon as I am able to financially without any hesitations because this truly has benefited my daughter and will continue. As for my son I was able to only try out the cogmed memory program I believe it was called, and even though we weren’t as constant with that one I saw an improvement in my son tremendously when it came to responsibility and getting things done on time. Thank you all for helping with everything, And of course trainer Natalie!! You’re amazing ☺️
Yuliya Kuzniatsova
Yuliya Kuzniatsova
We had such a great experience with What’s On Your Mind. We found out a few weeks before the school start that our daughter was moved to a regular class and needed to retake a gifted evaluation test asap. Maritza was understanding of our situation and accommodating offering an appointment the following week. All communication was easy and timely. Excellent customer service!
Hannah Prezant
Hannah Prezant
I had the pleasure of working as a Brain Trainer for this company for three years. During that time, I worked with many different students who came into this program with a variety of progress goals. Being a part of their journey and watching them excel through brain training was extremely rewarding. I can say, first hand, how beneficial this program is for clients and I'm proud to have contributed to its success.
Destro Boruchowski Family
Destro Boruchowski Family
I am happy of founding WYOM services, they are attentive and always adjusting to our needs. For long time I looked for executive function skills training, and this program was great for my son. The executive function teacher is amazing and kind; a great influence in ours sons lives. I highly recommend it.
Dr. Ashley conducted a psycho educational assessment of my 8 year old daughter and we met with Dr. Redler to discuss the results of that assessment. Dr. Ashley was patient and made a potentially stressful testing situation manageable for my daughter. Dr. Redler was extremely knowledgeable, answered all my questions patiently, and walked us through what the test results meant for our daughter. The information we learned was invaluable and money well spent and I love that they not only identify deficiencies but they offer solutions to correct them. Maritza was so responsive, kind, and professional she made the scheduling and preparatory steps a breeze! We haven’t taken advantage of the corrective programs but I feel much more empowered to help my daughter live up to her potential and realize her dreams one day.
Berenice Garcia
Berenice Garcia
I am very content with this program. My daughter has been excelling with her trainer but also at school. Her teacher reports not only a significant improvement with concentration but also in behavior. She no longer feels intimidated and is willing to try and solve problems on her own. Overall, I am extremely content with her progress so far. I can’t wait to continue to see her gain skills that will aid her with reading while attaining confidence in herself. Thank God for this program.
T Moloney
T Moloney
What’s On Your Mind was a great experience. They helped my son who has auditory processing disorder along with dyslexia. I would recommend them. Dr. Redler and his staff are caring and professional.
Pauline Wamukowa
Pauline Wamukowa
Very helpful and assisting team of professionals. Thank you for taking your time to explain to us the process and your observations of our son. Amazing experience.