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Tailored Tutoring for Children with Dyscalculia

We understand the unique challenges faced by students with dyscalculia— a math disorder that goes beyond just struggling with mathematical concepts. Our specialized tutoring program is designed to address not just the symptoms but the root causes of dyscalculia, offering a comprehensive solution for your child’s math difficulties.

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The permanent solution for students with dyscalculia.

Dyscalculia is more than struggling with math.

It involves deep-rooted cognitive deficits, including issues with number sense, spatial representations, working memory, processing speed, and attention. Unlike regular math tutoring that only focuses on math content, MindCrafting for Dyscalculia addresses the underlying cognitive challenges. This approach creates a solid foundation, empowering students to permanently master math skills effectively.


Why MindCrafting?

Choosing MindCrafting for Dyscalculia means opting for a program that understands the difference between a child who is simply behind in math and one who faces the challenges of dyscalculia. By focusing on the cognitive aspects of learning, MindCrafting for Dyscalculia ensures that your child is not just memorizing mathematical operations but truly understanding and applying them.

Our success stories speak for themselves—children who once struggled with the basics of math are now thriving, equipped with the tools and confidence to overcome their dyscalculia. Every child has the potential to succeed in math with the right support and intervention.

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Our Science-Backed Formula

Address Cognitive Deficits

We implement strategies aimed at improving spatial reasoning, visualization skills, and other cognitive areas that affect math learning.

Personalized Learning Plans

Develop tailored tutoring plans that cater to the individual needs of your child – focusing on their specific areas of difficulty.

Educate Parents and Students

We educate parents and children about dyscalculia, empowering them with the knowledge to tackle math challenges confidently.

Innovative Teaching Methods

Our program incorporates hands-on activities, visual aids, and specialized software designed to enhance learning and retention.

Embrace the Journey

Envision the moment when you witness your child, once challenged by math, now thriving and confidently embarking on their learning journey. Feel the pride that comes with every milestone they achieve, every barrier they break through. This is the essence of MindCrafting for Dyscalculia – fostering not just academic improvement but also the triumphs that fill your family with pride, and your child with a sense of accomplishment.

Added Benefits for Your Child

What Parents Are Raving About

"MindCrafting for Dyscalculia turned our child's math struggles into successes. The whole program and the staff is just amazing. Highly recommended!"

Rebecca S. Ft Lauderdale, FL

"We've tried so many alternatives that we were ready to give up. There is nothing like MindCrafting. The results have been remarkable "

David M. Los Angeles, CA

"MindCrafting worked wonders. Our child's math progress and confidence soared. Really glad to have found such a good program after the struggle."

Jennifer H. Vancouver, WA

"MindCrafting for Dyscalculia has been a game-changer for Christina. I quickly learned where the magic comes from, its certainly more than a program".

Martha R. Charlotte, NC

"Seeing our child struggle with math and avoid it at all costs was heartbreaking, but thanks to MindCrafting, Corey now excels in math and enjoys learning."

Bill P. Miami, FL

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