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Empower your child with a neuro-academic approach to reading mastery.

MindCrafting for Dyslexia blends cognitive development with phonics and reading drills. Our science-backed techniques have been helping dyslexic students for over two decades.

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Identify the specific brain skills that are holding your child back.

Improve your child's reading and retainment, permanently.

MindCrafting for Dyslexia strengthens the specific neural pathways responsible for reading. It focuses on how children’s minds develop, aiming to improve reading skills for all kids, including those with dyslexia.


Develop Reading and Language Skills

Beyond strengthening brain skills, your child will also master the five components of reading…

Phonemic Awareness

Mastery of Phonics


Comprehension Skills

Enriched Vocabulary

MindCrafting for Dyslexia takes students through the fundamental elements of sound recognition, decoding, rhythmic reading, understanding, and word use. This science-backed method is known as the most effective strategy for transforming struggling readers into confident learners – setting them up for a lifetime of reading success.

The Neuro-Academic Edge

Our method is grounded in the latest neuroscientific research, which shows that reading is more than just a sensory experience—it’s a complex cognitive activity. We apply the latest brain science to transform dyslexic students into avid readers and writers. How? We strengthen various brain functions, including language processing, working memory, attention control, and executive functions. With MindCrafting for Dyslexia, children do more than learn to read; they develop a profound ability to process and integrate information.

We begin with building brain muscles: training the brain to focus, remember, and think fast.

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Crafting Your Child's Story

We craft strategies as unique as the children we work with, ensuring their stories have all the right elements for success. In every story we help write, trust and integrity are the underlying themes that drive a happy ending. Your child’s educational journey should be a bestseller, with each chapter more compelling than the last. We’re here to co-author that story.

Providing Unconditional Support

We understand the challenges that come with dyslexia—not just for the child, but for the entire family. It’s a journey that requires patience, empathy, and a deep understanding of each student’s unique cognitive profile. Our team is here to guide you with understanding and science. Our educational psychologists bring compassion to the table, coupled with a scientific rigor that instills confidence and trust in our families. We’re not just teaching reading; we’re unlocking a world of potential and self-esteem for every learner.


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