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Maintenance Programs to Continue Your Child's Learning.

MindCrafting Maintenance Programs continue to build and strengthen the brain muscles that your child has worked so hard to develop.  

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Why Maintenance?

MindCrafting Maintenance Programs are designed to strategically move your child from remedial to high-level enrichment. Let’s use your child’s newfound momentum to foster further growth.

MindCrafting for Study Strategies

By learning powerful study techniques, students can effectively organize and prioritize their study tasks, optimize their retention, and set a strong foundation for lifelong academic success.

MindCrafting for Creative Writing

Nurture a love for writing with our program that encourages creativity, articulation, and structured thinking to craft compelling narratives and essays.

MindCrafting for Verbal Math

Translate mathematical concepts into verbal understanding, breaking down barriers to math literacy and promoting numerical confidence.

MindCrafting for Logic & Reasoning

Strengthen problem-solving skills with logic and reasoning exercises that build the foundation for successful learning across all subjects.

MindCrafting for Brilliant Minds

A program designed for gifted students, fostering advanced cognitive abilities and providing the stimulation needed for brilliant minds to flourish.

MindCrafting by Subject Area

Tailored tutoring across different subject areas, offering specialized support and enrichment for students seeking mastery in specific academic fields.

Fostering Future Success

With MindCrafting, your child will not just learn — they will soar to new heights of intellectual and emotional capability, ready to face the future with confidence and ease.


Parents notice at least three core benefits within 60 days.

Our programs promise more than knowledge. They foster wisdom.

Our supplementary programs are more than just add-ons—they are integral parts of a holistic educational journey. To learn more about how our MindCrafting Tutoring services can support your child’s learning adventure, contact us or call us at 800-613-6463. Our experts are ready to craft a customized learning experience that opens doors to new possibilities.