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Find out why your child struggles.

Conducting psychoeducational evaluations since 2000. Discover strengths and weaknesses, receive school accommodations, and learn what is needed for your child to excel—all from a licensed psychologist.


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An evaluation to help students realize their academic potential.

Our expert psychoeducational evaluations, including specialized dyslexia and ADHD testing, have empowered countless students to pursue their educational paths with newfound confidence.

Deep-Rooted Expertise

Our expert child psychologists, specializing in dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning disorders, bring invaluable insights into each evaluation. Every treatment plan is crafted with precision and informed by years of dedicated practice and evidence-based approaches.

Infinite Commitment

True progress is measured over time, which is why we offer ongoing support and comprehensive re-testing for years to come. Our enduring commitment has been to not only identify challenges but to actively engage in the ongoing journey of your child’s educational growth.

From Start To Finish

We offer guidance every step of the way, from detailed reports to collaborative treatment plans. Every family receives the resources needed to navigate educational and cognitive development with clarity and confidence. Beyond evaluations, we provide a wide range of support services, and collaboration with your child’s school.

Every Child Has a Story Awaiting Discovery

Imagine a young girl named Emma, whose curiosity about the stars couldn’t be contained by the pages of her textbooks. Yet, her brilliance was clouded by her struggle with words, making every test, every assignment feel like an insurmountable quest. This is where her family’s partnership with What’s On Your Mind, Inc. began – a journey from frustration to discovery.

Unveiling Hidden Strengths

Emma’s story unfolded in our office, where our compassionate evaluations go beyond the surface to discover the strengths that lie beneath. Her difficulties with reading were just a part of her story, not the defining chapter. With our specialized support, Emma’s learning experience transformed. She didn’t just learn to cope with her dyslexia – she learned to master it, turning pages of struggle into chapters of success, allowing her intellect to shine as brightly as the constellations she adored.

Understanding the Heartache

We recognize the profound heartache that comes with watching your child struggle with unresolved learning difficulties. The journey can be fraught with confusion and helplessness, but you are not alone. Our compassionate team is committed to providing personalized assessments with care and understanding, helping to reveal and nurture the unique strengths and abilities of your child.

Begin with our complimentary screener.

Your child’s story is unique, and it deserves to be told. Start with our complimentary screener, a simple step to help understand your child’s learning narrative. It’s the gateway to a tailored strategy that will help them flourish.

At What’s On Your Mind, we’re more than a psychology practice; we’re a dedicated partner in your child’s educational journey. We turn challenges into triumphs and uncertainties into clarity.

Learn how we help children succeed.

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