FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Is LIFT Brain Training (LIFT) a research based system?
Yes. The basis of LIFT brain training originates from the longstanding theories of neuropsychology, in which the brain of individuals with mild to severe head injuries are rehabilitated through targeted brain exercises. These types of intervention provide evidence that through precise concentrated brain exercises, the brain can adapt, heal, renew itself, and overcome limitations in the specific areas targeted. You might be interested in reading from our list of research articles we’ve posted on this website for your convenience.
How do I know that LIFT is what my child needs if he or she has been struggling?
The most common cause of a student’s long-term academic struggles is a processing deficit. This is why psychologists completing a psycho-educational assessment will test the student in the area of processing once they discover that there is a significant difference between the students IQ (intellectual ability) and their actual academic performance. A student’s academic performance should be close to their intellectual ability unless there are specific processing skills interfering with their potential.
How does What’s On Your Mind aka LIFT Learning Centers’ tutoring differ from other tutoring services?
Unlike ordinary tutoring services, LIFT incorporates brain training into every tutoring session so that a student’s brain muscles strengthen as they learn. If for example, a student’s memory and attention are enhanced by 2 years in just weeks while they do their homework, this can mean a quantifiable difference in their academic performance as compared to tutoring alone.
 Is LIFT effective for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)?
LIFT Brain Training for Attention concentrates on strengthening primarily the brain skills associated with attention including Selective, Sustained, Divided, and Alternating Attention. At least half of students that had been previously prescribed ADHD medication have managed to successfully come off of medication after completing LIFT programs if the ADHD diagnosis was primarily Inattentive Type.
Are there options for Financing?
We offer families that qualify a range of financing options so that the cost of any service can be practical as they are extended over time. This is essential so that more students can have access to our services without interfering with their quality of life.
Are you located in our home town?
Yes. Although our headquarters are located in South Florida, our services extend throughout the world via our Virtual LIFT platform. Virtual LIFT eliminates all boundaries of distance by leveraging technology over the web; allowing us to work with students throughout the world without compromising quality. Even local families have chosen Virtual LIFT to help at times when time management may have been otherwise challenging.

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