Tutoring vs Brain Training

The basic nature of teaching involves repetition, since the majority of what is taught is more often than not forgotten. Tutoring is an attempt to re-teach what the student did not learn in the classroom. It usually involves a review and memorization of important concepts.


Unlike teaching, there is no forgetting involved in brain training. Brain training does not involve memorization or learning concepts. It involves strengthening the underlying brain ‘muscles’ that are responsible for processing information, and enhancing the neural pathways (wiring) where information travels to and from the brain. In fact, it is for the most part permanent. In this manner, information taught has a better chance of getting processed and remembered.


Although brain training itself is not teaching, it can be combined with teaching to significantly increase a student’s learning curve. Ideally, every student should be including brain training as part of their regular academic curriculum so that their ability to attend to, understand, memorize, and remember information is heightened.


To find a specific academic program that incorporates brain training, explore your choices under OUR ACADEMIC PROGRAMS.

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