Who We Can Help

LIFT was created to improve learning and processing skills ideally for children with learning disabilities and attentional disorders. However, those who can benefit from LIFT programs also include high or average performers who want to perform mental activities faster, more efficiently, and even better than before.


Our students have included:


  • Athletes who were interested in improving their ‘game’
  • Gifted students who needed to be challenged beyond the classroom
  • Individuals suffering from dyslexia (reading disorder)
  • Individuals that were driven to distractions (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Above-Average students that wanted to have an edge over their peers
  • Students challenged by dyscalculia (mathematics disorder)
  • Individuals wanting to increase their speed on standardized tests (LSAT, SAT, PSAT, FCAT)
  • Students having difficulty with reading comprehension

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